We are associated with:

• M/s Avant Garde Consultants India Ltd, – Cogeneration and Ethanol expansion projects.

• TIX Corporation Japan,  – Geothermal wellhead & petroleum valves of API 6A & API 6D.

• China Petroleum Technology Development Company, China  –  Geothermal and petroleum  rigs and drilling and pipeline equipment.

• PMD South Africa – Industrial Packaging Machines.

• Alfa Projects Engineering. India – Complete Sugar Factory Machinery and equipments.

• M/s Spray Engineering Devices, India – Complete solutions for sugar industries.

• Enviropol Engineers PVT Ltd, India – Health and Green friendly environments in all industries.

• Prathap Industries Ltd, India – All sugar industrial spares & equipment.

• Global Industries, Belgium & Intertrax, Switzerland  –  For genuine mobile equipments parts.   

• Risansi Industries Ltd, India – For Molasses, Magma and Massecuite Pumps.

• Railtech Inc, New Zealand – For all railway timberline and track materials.

• Cooltech India Ltd – For cooling towers.

• Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.p.A , Italy – Control panels, excitation systems, industrial motors, steel mill, hydro dam and generator equipment.

• Ansaldo Thomassen, Netherlands – For all gas/generator turbine equipment.

• Power-tech South Africa – Protection  relays and plant monitoring equipment.

• GE Dubai – Genuine General Equipment equipment & spares.

• True Metosim, Spain – Green energy wind turbine generation.

• SEADAG Engineering , United Kingdom– Renewable energy systems and equipment,

• Sunir Co – Turn-key engineering projects for substations, transmission and distribution, power plants, offshore drilling, jetty & pipe line projects.

• Galil Engineering, Israel – Turn-key water management, refinery and bio fuels projects.

• Stork Phobos, India – For all insulators for power lines.

• Anvil Cables, India – For all cables & conductors for overhead power lines.

• Ningbo Min-metals Co, China – For power transformers, surge diverters, invertors & ring main units for power transmission.

• Delta Co, France & Redwing, USA – Safety gear and equipment.

• Koncar Inc, Croatia – Power plant switchgears and electrical system

• Droplex Industrial systems, USA – For all plant electric and liquid flow equipment.

• IVRCL, India – Power transmission projects.

• Aster Dependable services, India/Kenya – tele communications and T&D services.

• Dowac Systems, India –Waste water management projects.

• Kocks Krane GMBH, Germany – STS and gantry cranes and all lifting equipment.


It has come to our urgent attention that some international firms or persons are registering  domain in the same name as our  company ” unitechindustrial” but adding one prefix at the end as mentioned here as .cn or .in or .net or .org or .sg or. hk or .asia or or .tw and so on.   UNITECH INDUSTRIAL AGENCIES LTD, KENYA, WISHES TO INFORM ALL OUR VALUED INTERNATIONAL AND LOCAL SUPPLIERS/MANUFACTURERS &  CUSTOMERS THAT WE HAVE ONLY ONE PRICINCIPLE DOMAIN ADDRESS  ”” AND ANY OTHER SIMILAR  DOMAIN NAMES AS MENTIONED ABOVE ARE NOT RELATED, NOT ASSOCIATED AND NOT AUTHORISED BY US OR WITH US.


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